Giorgi Tevzadze

In 1996 Giorgi began working in the field of winery and distillery with the team of new-founded company GWS. 

In 1997-98 he got practical experience in California, America at several wineries and fruit brand distillery.

In 2001 Giorgi graduated from the University of California, Davis, Viticulture & Oenology Department, (1 Year Master’s Program Certificate). In 2002 he continued working at famous distillery “St. George Spirits”.

After returning in Georgia, in 2013 with his friend Giorgi founded a distilling company and started “Riravo Distillery  - “We obtain Georgian wild fruits from the forests and villages all over the country that enables us to create the finest and natural wild fruit chachas and brandies under the unique Georgian distilling technology and Riravo recipes”.